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Morso Bubble Leo Multi-Purpose Dog Lead

Morso Bubble Leo Multi-Purpose Dog Lead

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The Color Invaders multifunction dog lead includes all the features of the MORSO® leads:– snap hook inspired by the world of mountaineering– super soft satin– TPE rubber This lead is built for adventure with a comfortable, ergonomic design. The snap hook is designed with climbers in mind, while the satin material and TPE rubber provide maximum comfort and flexibility. It's perfect for dogs going on adventures with their humans – the ergonomic design ensures comfort for both pup and owner!

The secure snap hook keeps your pup safe no matter where the journey takes you.
and it has 5 very practical ways of use:

-Relaxed Walk: Long lead, the basic function

-Urban Walk: Shorter, slide satin in your hands, and you are closer in a move

-Close-to-me Walk: Even shorter, if you need more control

-Last Minute Collar: For an emergency collar or an extra support

-Always with Me: Temporary hooking ready to use as a hands-free body lead

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