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Morso Color Invaders Multi-Purpose Dog Lead

Morso Color Invaders Multi-Purpose Dog Lead

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The Color Invaders multifunction dog lead includes all the features of the MORSO® leads: It's the perfect choice for the pet owner who wants a stylish way to walk their pup and keep them safe and secure. Plus, no more searching for the right lead; it's all in one package!
– snap hook inspired by the world of mountaineering
– super soft satin
– TPE rubber
and it has 5 very practical ways of use:

-Relaxed Walk: Long lead, the basic function

-Urban Walk: Shorter, slide satin in your hands, and you are closer in a move

-Close-to-me Walk: Even shorter, if you need more control

-Last Minute Collar: For an emergency collar or an extra support

-Always with Me: Temporary hooking ready to use as a hands-free body lead

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